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Anne’s Adventures…

One of my passions is reading and the best thing about finishing the school semester is having time again for leisure reading.  Right now my indulgence is L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables Novels.  I wish I had read these books when I was a kid but I’m happy I came across these when I did because it’s never too late to read something that inspires me and these books inspire me to enjoy life and let that little kid inside me out. 

I don’t remember how I came across this series, maybe one of my best friend’s mentioned it in passing one day.  All I know is that when I finished reading the first in the series of novels I was hooked.  Anne’s character makes me feel so happy inside and positive and when I read about her adventures and her kindness I think about the goodness in the world.  She reminds me to enjoy the little things and the beauty that you can find in those little things.  I also find that when I read L.M. Montgomery’s books I feel that thrill inside me to write and the passion in expressing myself through words. 

My husband and I went to our favorite used bookstore and he bought me Novels 3 – 6 in the series and so I’m taking this break in school to enjoy Anne’s adventures and will be sharing my thoughts here, starting with Anne of the Island. 

Until later…a beautiful day to everyone!


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