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Acts of Kindness & Love

Lately I have been surprised by so many acts of kindness and love that I’m at a loss for words in expressing my gratitude to God and my family/friends and all I can say is a heartfelt Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I actually heard those 3 simple but significant thank you’s from one of the Pastor’s at church at our… Continue reading Acts of Kindness & Love

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Nurturing Oneself

Today’s thoughts were inspired by a blog that I love to follow. I’ve seen people do these “pingbacks” on their posts but I have no clue how to do that (yet) and so instead I’ll post the link in case you want to read where I got my inspiration from. So going off of the above… Continue reading Nurturing Oneself

Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

Biggie’s (the bulldog) Sexcapade

It turns out our sweet little bulldog has some issues… My mom has this really cute looking stuffed bulldog toy that I’ve been dying to bring home to see if Biggie will maybe cuddle with it, you know, make the toy his buddy to keep him company. So I get home last night (my husband was out) and after… Continue reading Biggie’s (the bulldog) Sexcapade

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Another great little piece of wisdom. I remember a particular class I took at OCC and the instructor saying forgivess isn’t just for the other person, it’s primarily for yourself, because every minute you spend feeding that resentment is time taken away from enjoying other things in your life. That always stayed with me. It isn’t always easy… Continue reading Forgiveness