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Love, blessings, and exercise 

That run and bike combo really did me well because I was sure running on some pretty fantastic exercise endorphins yesterday.  Maybe it’s a combination of truly feeling blessed by the family I have and the encouragement I get to workout and the feeling of accomplishment that settled in me after getting it done, but… Continue reading Love, blessings, and exercise 

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The Triathlon – March isn’t so far away 

About 6 months ago I signed up for my very first triathlon at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. I was and still am super excited about this.  Back then though March 2017 seemed so far away. But now, oh my goodness I am starting to feel a little bit of the nervous butterflies creeping in.  5k… Continue reading The Triathlon – March isn’t so far away 

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There are no negative gears

We were all set to go and had everything planned for our outing. My husband had finally bought Celeste, our 15 month old daughter, her weeride bike seat attachment so that we could finally take her on a bike ride. So while she was taking her nap this morning he got that thing all set… Continue reading There are no negative gears

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My Self Confidence Has Stretched Out and Says, Let’s Do This!

I’ve never really been very athletic, especially when it comes to team sports. Throw me a ball, or a set of keys, and my first reaction is usually to duck and cover. I remember in Elementary school I was always excited and willing to participate in a game of tether ball or dodge ball or have… Continue reading My Self Confidence Has Stretched Out and Says, Let’s Do This!

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Oh The Finish Line!

I did it! I completed my very first 5K race yesterday at the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation: Your Next Step is the Cure, Orange County, CA 5K!! I woke up Saturday morning with an “oh oh” feeling. I had a terrible tummy ache and my body just felt weird. Achey. Our original plan was… Continue reading Oh The Finish Line!

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Santa Hustle Run

This post has nothing to do with Santa yet everything to do with love, giving, and believing. A couple weeks ago my husband went for a morning walk with Biggie our bulldog and our baby Celeste. I had the house to myself for a little while and as I made a visit to the restroom with cell… Continue reading Santa Hustle Run

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Happy Moments and Trees

Celeste had her very first play date today and even though it was the first time she went to my friend’s house she completely made herself at home and was crawling around everywhere like she owned the place. I loved that she got to play with the babies/kiddos and us girls got to get some… Continue reading Happy Moments and Trees