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Let me tell you about Montecito

For the past nine years now we have been spending our summers at Montecito Sequoia Lodge, located in the Sequoia National Forest. This is probably my favorite place to visit every single year because to me it feels like a true vacation and I think I will rave about this place until the day I… Continue reading Let me tell you about Montecito

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Shaver Lake – We are back

We have a few things we love to do every summer since our firstborn arrived and one of our recent favorite spots became Shaver Lake, located in the Sierra Mountains. Last year we decided not to make a reservation at Shaver Lake though because we had our big international trip planned. We have been doing… Continue reading Shaver Lake – We are back

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Montecito in the snow

Have I told you guys recently about Montecito Sequoia Lodge? I’m pretty sure I probably mentioned this place in a previous post; it holds such a special spot in our heart and is such a gem, it bears mentioning again. My husband happened to stumble upon Montecito Sequoia Lodge nine years ago when he was… Continue reading Montecito in the snow

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Dubrovnik – Magical in its own right.

One of the biggest feelings that gets me every single time I travel somewhere is the crazy thought that we could be doing something so ordinary like enjoying a meal, while surrounded by such extraordinary history. But I’m getting way ahead of myself as this photo is actually the end of an amazing day of… Continue reading Dubrovnik – Magical in its own right.

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Getting somewhere is always an adventure.

Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia! But wait before we get started let’s talk about getting here. So we are at it again. Since having our very first baby (Celeste) we have decided traveling is a huge part of the experience we want to continue to have and to offer our girls. So every two years we… Continue reading Getting somewhere is always an adventure.

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Nashville or bust! (And the value of good friends)

The weekend of April 27th came and went and brought with it so many awesome adventures! Before I get into the details of it all I must say this…the biggest take away I would love for you to get is this: treasure your friendships. If you have a group of friends that you hang out… Continue reading Nashville or bust! (And the value of good friends)