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Shaver Lake – We are back

We have a few things we love to do every summer since our firstborn arrived and one of our recent favorite spots became Shaver Lake, located in the Sierra Mountains.

Last year we decided not to make a reservation at Shaver Lake though because we had our big international trip planned. We have been doing an international trip with kid(s) since 2014. So in 2020 we had this wonderful cruise/trip planned as well as our annual trip to Montecito Sequoia Lodge. Then COVID happened. We ended up having to cancel our trip and by the time we thought about looking into still doing Shaver Lake, there were no spots available the week our friends would be there.

We are back though! In February my husband and a few of his coworkers all got online and reserved their camp sites and we have been counting down the days for this time. It’s such a beautiful spot and a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle back home. The girls love it because there ends up being about 4-6 families, all with kids, so they have a blast.

Also one of their favorite things to do here is go horseback riding. This year is extra special because it’s the first time all four of us get to ride together. Elysse, our youngest, is finally at the minimum age (6) required to be able to ride a horse alone without someone leading the horse.

This is also the most comfortable I have felt on a horse trail ride. The first year I didn’t even want to go horseback riding but Celeste really wanted to. We had the time reserved and then at the last minute she changed her mind and didn’t want to ride so I ended up riding by myself with the employees. My horse was huge and with my fear of heights that didn’t help.

This year I got Dusty, and she was wonderful! They told me that’s the Owners personal horse. She was a great size and I felt so at ease and not the least bit afraid. I kind of was in awe as I watched my girls in front of me each on their own horse and riding along like naturals. I love this trip for so many reasons, one of them is of course moments like these. It feels so good for the soul to be outdoors, for the girls to just play in the dirt, explore, make new friends, and all of us to spend this time together and relax. ❤️

Here’s a few photos from our one hour trail ride.

Elysse and Barney
Celeste and Star
The four of us. Manny’s horse was Tex and mine was Dusty.
In awe of them, so proud.
Ride through the Lake 😍


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