Mission Almost Impossible: The Saline Nose Dropper

Last night I learned that  9 month old babies (namely ours) do not like to have foreign objects inserted into their nose, especially if said object is also squirting some kind of liquid inside. I’m sure this will one day change though when she realizes that by poking her little finger into said nose she’ll be able to… Continue reading Mission Almost Impossible: The Saline Nose Dropper

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I want my sexy back too!

A few days ago I read the post Operation banging body, day effing 1 written by Ness at One Thousand Single Days, which you can find at this link Since then I’ve kept thinking about Ness’s words and the challenge she’s made to herself, so much so that I went back and re-read her post,… Continue reading I want my sexy back too!


Mr. Postman, Is there a letter for me?

Back in 1986, when I was around 11 years old, I remember getting a letter in the mail from one of my cousins in Mexico. Most of my mom’s family still lives in this small town called Tulancingo in the city of Hidalgo, Mexico, which is where I was born and lived until about age 2. (Tulancingo… Continue reading Mr. Postman, Is there a letter for me?

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Burned Out But Laughing

There is a part of my subconscious (the stronger part) that is doing the bob and weave and saying “really, that’s all you’ve got? Bring it on!” and then the other half of my subconscious is huddled away in a corner, facing the wall, and waving a white flag over her head in defeat, burned out… Continue reading Burned Out But Laughing