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Calm A couple weeks ago I had a really overwhelming morning. Normally I just somehow push past it without letting anyone but myself know that inside I feel like the dam is about to crack and everything is about to come pouring out. But on this particular morning I sent a text on a group… Continue reading Calm


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Wandering Thoughts

It’s pretty amazing to me how one small little thought in our minds has the capacity to spread out all over the place like a meticulously created web that traps you in. My husband and I were talking about it this morning and he gave me a perfect example of exactly this kind of thought process. He said it’s like this Zen cast he had been… Continue reading Wandering Thoughts

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Favorite Word?

I have a lot of favorite words but the ones I’ve been thinking most about this week are “aware” and “responsibility”. I think we could all benefit from being more aware of things and taking responsibility. We should be aware of our senses, the things around us, the words that we use, our tone, our body language,… Continue reading Favorite Word?

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Enjoying Silence

I was thinking the other day how programmed we are to the different noises around us. The different sounds of our cell phone tell us whether we have a text, email, Facebook update, voicemail etc and often times we quickly react to that sound. But we don’t have a cue that reminds us to stop, silence everything, and just take… Continue reading Enjoying Silence

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Enjoying each moment

I’m really enjoying the quiet around me right now.  I was sitting here leaning into my laptop and reading some of the posts on Freshly Pressed and the stillness around me seemed to give me a little knudge.  Then I heard a bird chirp outside followed by Biggie, our bulldog, breathing softly.  Usually I like to have… Continue reading Enjoying each moment