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Favorite Word?

I have a lot of favorite words but the ones I’ve been thinking most about this week are “aware” and “responsibility”. I think we could all benefit from being more aware of things and taking responsibility.

We should be aware of our senses, the things around us, the words that we use, our tone, our body language, is the message we are giving to others the real message that is in our hearts, aware of the choices we make, the way we handle situations, our faults, our virtues, aware not only of ourselves but of others. We may think we have problems and are very aware of them, yet we should also be aware that someone else may also be going through a difficult time or have joy to share.

With all this comes responsibility. Owning up to the things that we do, that we choose to be the person we are and to do the things we do or don’t do in life. We are responsible for our own actions. Yes things might frustrate and upset us, but we need to take responsibility for the good and bad things we say or do.

Even though I feel I’ve come a long way when it comes to these two words I am still working on this in my own life and day-to-day actions, on being aware and accepting responsibility. I think the worst thing I could do, or any person, is to live believing that you do no wrong and everyone else is at fault and refusing to be aware and accept responsibility. I remember this topic coming up during Zen meditation one evening, I only wish I could express the words as eloquently as the Zen Sister did that day.


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