A Chocolate Message

I’m not a big fan of Dove chocolates but today the craving was bigger than the preference so I gave in and the end result was worth it. These little Dove chocolates come with a “promises message” inside the wrapper and today’s was:

Spending time is a greater gift than spending money

This made me think of my husband and I. You see we grew up with different traditions, in my family birthdays and Christmas always included a gift and for my husband it was the opposite. I have to admit when I was much (much) younger, the bigger the gift the better (I know, very shallow), but over time my priorities have changed. It’s not the size of the gift or price of the gift that I enjoy, it’s the thought and time that comes with it. Like for example, I love to get cards on my birthday, to me that is a precious gift in its own. I like the surprise of what the card will say and that the person put thought and time into the card they selected or made. The same goes with the thought of giving or receiving a gift. When receiving I’m not looking at the price tag, I’m enjoying the fact that the person took time to choose those flowers, or that book, or the plant, or the special music CD with some of your favorite tunes…whatever it is, it all comes down to time. They gave the gift of their time to put a smile on your face. Whether it’s a handmade card, a rose and some daisies picked from a bush (or your neighbors haha), anything…they took time.

And so yes time is a greater gift than money. I’d rather have a million treasured memories of special times spent with my husband or with my family than something monetary that will just be forgotten or thrown away. 

Oh and my favorite chocolate happens to be Kit Kat 😉


2 thoughts on “A Chocolate Message

  1. I completely agree! I once suggested to my boyfriend that for his niece’s birthday he’s spend time with her rather than buying something (that girl gets the contents of a whole toy shop every birthday and Christmas, believe me! – and doesn’t really appreciate it) but it jasn’t sunk in yet… Will keep trying 🙂


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