How To Respond When Someone Says He’s A “Great Dad” For Changing A Diaper This article had me laughing and nodding my head up and down in agreement. If we’re going to praise dads we need to praise moms as well. Equally. If you’re a dad reading this, I could see how some parts might make you want to stop finish reading. But if it does, ask yourself… Continue reading How To Respond When Someone Says He’s A “Great Dad” For Changing A Diaper

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The best hour and fifteen minutes of my life

So correction to my last post, my husband was not on a 72 hour shift, no no, he was on a 96 hour shift. Yep, that’s right. After three days of being with my girls 24/7 while they are both battling a very nasty stomach virus, I have a pretty good idea now of what… Continue reading The best hour and fifteen minutes of my life

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Short flights aren’t always easier

As I’m writing this we are above 30,000 feet in the air flying back home from Mexico to Los Angeles. Diary of a Wimpy Kid something something is playing on the overhead monitors and I feel like I’m living my own version on flight. Let’s see we are about 1.5 hours into the flight and… Continue reading Short flights aren’t always easier

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Motherhood: Thank goodness for new days

I’m a firm believer that new days bring new beginnings. If you read my post from last night you’re well aware that yesterday evening was quite a doozie. The beauty of parenting though is that typically in the midst of chaos there are always sprinkles of triumphs and happy moments. Fore example, what I didn’t… Continue reading Motherhood: Thank goodness for new days

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Motherhood: Currently experiencing high turbulence

You know that moment when you need to breathe into the brown paper bag to stop yourself from hurling? That’s what parenting, specifically being a mom, sometimes feels like to me. Tonight I had to go into the restroom and hold a towel to my mouth to muffle the sounds of my sobbing. I thought… Continue reading Motherhood: Currently experiencing high turbulence