Traveling Alone

I should be sleeping but I can’t. I feel a mixture of restlessness and anxiety. Plus I just can’t seem to find a comfortable position – this of course has much to do with the fact that I’m now 7 months pregnant. I know, it’s bad that it’s taken me until now to share this… Continue reading Traveling Alone



The Science of the Heart is Sometimes Lost on Me

I really enjoyed reading this honest and heartfelt post by fellow blogger Matt. I hope that you will take the time to read what he shares. You may or may not find yourself in the current situation to relate to what he’s sharing but you can definitely understand it. What stood out to me most… Continue reading The Science of the Heart is Sometimes Lost on Me

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A special creation

My husband and I couldn’t be more different when it comes to birthday celebrations, particularly our own. I love celebrating birthdays. Cards, gifts, cake, pictures…the works. Whether it’s low key or something a little bigger, I just love to celebrate birthdays. My husband on the other hand prefers not to get any gifts and just… Continue reading A special creation