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Family day

Sundays are usually our family day, especially when my husband is off. We make it a point to always go to church together and then afterward we’ll grab something to eat and head to a park so Celeste can play or we come home to relax and play with Celeste indoor or go for a walk/exploration around our community until it’s time for my husband’s meditation time.

Today was a special family day though because my husband didn’t have meditation scheduled so we didn’t need to head back home by 3p and instead we got to enjoy the entire day together. I love these kind of Sundays.

After church we decided to visit the Natural Museum of History in Los Angeles. The last time we had been there, Celeste was probably a little over a year old and we had seen the Endeavor. As usual, Celeste had fallen asleep during the car ride there, so when we arrived we let her continue to nap and we relaxed in the meantime.

By the time she woke up we were both starving so we headed to the entrance of the California ScienCenter and saw that one of the new IMAX 3D movies was Galapagos, so we got our tickets for it and grabbed some lunch before the movie started.

To learn about Galapagos itself is amazing, but to see it in 3D was something incredible. I was so fascinated by the adaptation of the various animals on these islands, like the marine iguana. The way their mouth, claws, skin all changed in time to adapt to the new climate and way of acquiring food. If you are ever in that area do yourself a favor and take the 45 minutes to watch this incredible documentary. Celeste lasted for about 30 minutes with her 3D glasses on and it was so neat to see her looking at the images in awe.

Afterwards we headed towards the Natural History Museum, where we enjoyed a frozen Coconut flavored popsicle before heading inside. We only had about an hour and a half before they closed, but we sure made the most of it and Celeste got to see some huge dinosaurs, explore live animals in their Nature Center like turtles, rats, and rattlesnakes. And then her and my husband got to view various dried up insects with a microscope that let them zoom in on the insect and displayed it on a large screen for them.

On our way out of the museum and back to the car, Celeste decided that she wanted her dad to chase her and that was one of many more memorable moments to watch. Seeing her daddy play with her and spin her around and chase her reminds me of how blessed we are to have those moments. I wish there was a way to capture that and save it in her heart forever.

It was a very special and fun day for us and a great way to enjoy our time together.


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