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Grateful heart

As I sit here in the dark keeping watch over my little Elysse, the thought of a grateful heart and right attitude stand firm in my mind. Sleep eludes me right now. An hour ago Elysse got sick to her stomach, but being the strong girl she is she just calmly listened to my soothing… Continue reading Grateful heart


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When you change your perspective it’s easier to see the good

I love reading and sharing positive quotes. They remind me to see the blessing in every day life and to be appreciative. It’s so easy to let negative thoughts or words make a permanent residence in our mind and so why not make sure that we take conscious efforts to ward off the negative vibes… Continue reading When you change your perspective it’s easier to see the good

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A little bit of bitter to appreciate the sweet

It’s been nearly a month now since our boy (bulldog) Biggie suddenly got sick. It started off with us noticing spots of blood wherever he happened to be resting and then his stool having a dark tarry look to it. After taking him to the vet and having blood tests run they found his blood… Continue reading A little bit of bitter to appreciate the sweet


Is Happiness Overrated?

Are we as a people so broken and experiencing such heartache, sorrow, and pain that we no longer know how to identify happiness even in the smallest of things? I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that often times when people bring up something in conversation it is seldom about positive events. Often times the conversations revolve around… Continue reading Is Happiness Overrated?

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Take Time To Say Thank You

Today’s inspiration comes from my daily Zelda Wisdom subscription. We all have busy schedules and things to take care of but we shouldn’t take for granted the significance of a “thank you” and telling someone how much you appreciate what they did/do for you. Remember that every day is a blessing and we can choose to be happy and make… Continue reading Take Time To Say Thank You