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Husbands, remember your wife.

Long before Legos on the floor, the sound of little feet running through the rooms, laughter from tickles, wipes, tantrums, story time, and diaper changes there was you and her. There were lazy afternoons, dating, long conversations, laughter, and visions of what a home filled with children would be. There was a white dress, wedding… Continue reading Husbands, remember your wife.

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The best hour and fifteen minutes of my life

So correction to my last post, my husband was not on a 72 hour shift, no no, he was on a 96 hour shift. Yep, that’s right. After three days of being with my girls 24/7 while they are both battling a very nasty stomach virus, I have a pretty good idea now of what… Continue reading The best hour and fifteen minutes of my life

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Plot twist!! It’s not just about boobs… 

   August was one of the most difficult months for me since the birth of our second baby, Elysse. I was under a lot of stress that had a really bad affect on my nursing.  I thought plugged ducts were bad but nothing could have prepared me for the burning sensation and stabbing pain I… Continue reading Plot twist!! It’s not just about boobs…