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Husbands, remember your wife.

Long before Legos on the floor, the sound of little feet running through the rooms, laughter from tickles, wipes, tantrums, story time, and diaper changes there was you and her.

There were lazy afternoons, dating, long conversations, laughter, and visions of what a home filled with children would be. There was a white dress, wedding vows, and dreams to build.

There was a time you looked at this lovely woman in awe. When you took great pleasure in her smile, her voice, her thoughts, and her passions. You took great care to make sure she knew what a lucky man you were to have her, and she took great care in loving you and appreciating what a lucky woman she was to have you.

As the day to day settles in and brings in moments of pure bliss with your children, the unbelievable reality that those children are yours and how much you want to pour into being a wonderful father for them…remember your wife. Remember that she carried, nurtured and birthed your child(ren). Remember that while you carry the weight of their future in your hands, she does too. It may not look the same but you are both traveling the journey together, filled with dreams and passions and desires for your little ones. Remember that when you step away to go to work, she is still there, ever present and ever influential.

As you go about your day and you see carefree, joyous women giving you the flirtatious look and you make the mistake of comparing it to your sometimes tired, irritable, emotional spouse, remember there was a time that carefree woman was your wife. Remember the lovely woman she was and still is. Remember to see her with awe. Appreciation. Warmth. Encouragement.

Long before the were Legos and little feet, there was you and her. And when those little feet have grown and long gone to pursue their own dreams and passions, if you have remembered each other, there will still be you and her.


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