It’s not just any moment, it’s YOUR moment.

One of my favorite morning rituals is my coffee at work, and so I’m absolutely loving this new cup that I splurged on at the Disney store (of all places) this weekend. I couldn’t resist though, this cup reminds me of some of my favorite things.

Cup_1 Cup_2

  1. Dia de los Muertos – This is from my culture in which you celebrates those loved ones that have passed on from this life. You make this beautiful offering in their honor full of candles, decorations, and your loved one’s favorite food. Here’s a picture of my Abuelita Rosita’s offering that she makes. Dia De Los Muertos _ Abue
  2. My love of music! – I’ve said this a bzillion times…music is water to my soul. There are songs that move me to a depth of emotion so difficult to describe, which leads to my love of dance. My inner dancer & lover of music is like a 2 year old exploring something new and amazing for the first time. I come alive when these two come together for me.
  3. Seize your moment. Not just any moment, YOUR moment. When I truly stop and think of this phrase, it triggers action in me. It triggers joy even in moments of difficulty. It reminds me, this life, this time we have is fleeting. We have no guarantee of how long it will go. And I’m reminded, we all have greatness in ourselves. I have greatness in myself. You have greatness in yourself! Why do we allow negativity, difficult moments, etc to cloud that when you just don’t know what life will bring next? Embrace and seize your moment. Live. Learn. Love!

Today was dance class again for Elysse and we had a blast! She participated the whole time. Granted, to the beat of her own drum. When it was time for walking like a dinosaur she crawled like a bear. When it was time for Giraffes she was a dinosaur. And it was fun and joyous! She laughed and I laughed. She rolled around the mats and had FUN. And then freeze dance came up with our color string that swirls around with every movement of our hands, and Elysse and I danced like no one was watching. It was just Elysse and I in our moment, giggling every time the music stopped and we froze. I didn’t worry about others. I just seized my moment with her, and it was great.




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