It’s not just any moment, it’s YOUR moment.

One of my favorite morning rituals is my coffee at work, and so I’m absolutely loving this new cup that I splurged on at the Disney store (of all places) this weekend. I couldn’t resist though, this cup reminds me of some of my favorite things.   Dia de los Muertos – This is from… Continue reading It’s not just any moment, it’s YOUR moment.

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Burned Out But Laughing

There is a part of my subconscious (the stronger part) that is doing the bob and weave and saying “really, that’s all you’ve got? Bring it on!” and then the other half of my subconscious is huddled away in a corner, facing the wall, and waving a white flag over her head in defeat, burned out… Continue reading Burned Out But Laughing



It’s been an overwhelming past few days, not in a negative way though. So many beautiful things have happened and the emotion is so overwhelming that I don’t quite know what to do with it. You know that pain you feel when you’re heartbroken or something very bad has happened? Well I feel the depth… Continue reading Joy