Thunder Leash what have you done to our bulldog?

Don’t let all this cuteness deceive you. If any of you are familiar with the bulldog breed you know that they tend to go to the beat of their own desire and are stubborn as hell. Ours is no exception. He is like the eternal two year old – all about him. Biggie is an… Continue reading Thunder Leash what have you done to our bulldog?

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Remembering the sleepless nights

Because being 8 months pregnant and having crazy sniffles and watering eyes is not already enough to keep one awake at night, lets add the element of a toddler too. I shouldn’t complain, generally Celeste is a great sleeper. She’ll be asleep before 9:30pm and wakes up anywhere between 6:30a – 7:45am. Last night though… Continue reading Remembering the sleepless nights

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When a difficult day ends really darn well

By 9:00am this morning I was pretty much over the day. It was one of those overwhelming, emotional, tear filled kind of mornings triggered by juggling a potty training toddler with a mind of her own, a stubborn bulldog (that needed to be walked), and myself – an 8 month pregnant woman. Plus┬ámaking sure all… Continue reading When a difficult day ends really darn well

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Laughter, Memories, and Karaoke

Last night was filled with singing, eating, dancing, and just plain wonderful fun as we gathered for our Staff Christmas party!! This year one of our awesome volunteers opened her home to us and invited us to celebrate our party at her beautiful home. I was in awe of the place as I walked in.… Continue reading Laughter, Memories, and Karaoke

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I’ve swallowed a wrecking ball

I almost want to kick myself for using that analogy, but taking into consideration the time of day (10:43pm) I think it’s actually quite fitting. I had forgotten how difficult and uncomfortable the tail end of the third trimester can be. All things considered, I think I’m a bit smaller this time around then I… Continue reading I’ve swallowed a wrecking ball