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I’ve swallowed a wrecking ball

I almost want to kick myself for using that analogy, but taking into consideration the time of day (10:43pm) I think it’s actually quite fitting.

I had forgotten how difficult and uncomfortable the tail end of the third trimester can be. All things considered, I think I’m a bit smaller this time around then I was the first time around this same time with Celeste, but that doesn’t change the level of discomfort. And then on top of it I’m sitting here trying to write while my husband is humorously attempting to sing soprano, while to me it sounds like nails screeching on a chalkboard. But back to my predicament.

Most nights now are pretty much restless. If it’s not the constant potty breaks getting me up three times a night, it’s my little bundle deciding to karate chop at 3am (this happens almost without fail at the same time every night), or the painful pressure on my left hip that jolts me awake even though the only somewhat comfortable position I can sleep in is on my left side. Some nights I even resort to sleeping upright for a while just to give my left side a break.

So by the end of the day I really do feel like I’ve swallowed a wrecking ball. I love feeling our baby move and toss around in there. It’s just that after a long day, when I finally do get Celeste in bed and I have some time to read or write, it becomes challenging to enjoy it fully if I’m having trouble hitting that comfy spot and simple movements require so much exertion.

On the plus side though, boy do I love mornings. Those are the times I can move around with ease and dance and shake my booty with our daughter.


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