Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

Biggie (our bulldog) and the explosion

Word of caution, beware of what’s to come if you suddenly find your dog circling around a small area inside your house. At least that’s the case with our bulldog Biggie, because it turns out when he does that, expect mayhem to follow. This morning I was feeding baby Celeste when all of a sudden… Continue reading Biggie (our bulldog) and the explosion


Celebrate February, Celebrate Love!

I LOVE this month, and no not just because it’s my birthday this month, although that’s one reason to love February, and also not because it’s Valentine’s Day either. I love February because there’s so many special occasions and anniversaries in this month. And because it’s my birthday month, haha! 😉 My husband proposed on… Continue reading Celebrate February, Celebrate Love!