Celebrate February, Celebrate Love!

I LOVE this month, and no not just because it’s my birthday this month, although that’s one reason to love February, and also not because it’s Valentine’s Day either. I love February because there’s so many special occasions and anniversaries in this month. And because it’s my birthday month, haha! ūüėČ

My husband proposed on February 10th 2009, and this year on that same date we happen to be going to a marriage retreat put together by our church Parkcrest Church. When I was about 9 months pregnant they announced that the next marriage retreat would be 2/10 – 2/12 and my husband and I were both excited about participating again. I remember back then I was figuring out the numbers in my head and I was thinking how our little baby would be almost 3 months old by then…and here is then, just around the corner. It’s crazy to think those months from November to now have already come and gone.

Also on February 28th 2006 my¬†now¬†husband and I got to talking and that was when he¬†asked for my number and our love story began. I love the story of how we met, who doesn’t love their own story right? ¬†I can’t wait to¬†share that in a future post. I even have an email saved that I wrote to my cousin Susi the day after my husband had asked for my number and I love going back to read it. I sound so happy and giddy – the way I still feel when I think about my husband.

This is also the month that my parents celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary and my nephew Jacob turns 6 Рwow, six! Where does the time go?

And yes,¬†there’s Valentine’s Day, and I know some people will roll their¬†eyes or think of how overrated the holiday¬†can be and how stores just use it as a way to get men¬†to spend money etc, but I¬†don’t care, I still love¬†Valentine’s day. What’s wrong with getting a special card that day and maybe a¬†flower or an extra long embrace?¬†I think it’s nice. But even nicer is that celebrating love shouldn’t¬†just be about one day. We should celebrate love every day…be kind, or give a hug, or just remember to appreciate the people in our lives and to tell our¬†significant other or people we love how we feel, that¬†we love them and appreciate the¬†little things they do for us, because in my eyes love is never overrated.


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