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Changing Gears: How I finally saw myself as a good mom

In the past few weeks there’s been a shift in me. If you’ve followed my blog you know that some of my posts in the last year or two (quite possibly even more) have been pretty dark and filled with feelings of loneliness. Some would even say downright negative and whiny. Ouch. I’ve been honest… Continue reading Changing Gears: How I finally saw myself as a good mom

Life · Motherhood · Parenthood

Worse than the naked dream

I often had that dream in High School where I would be standing in front of the big huge metal gates to the school entrance ready to start the day, only to suddenly realized as I walked through and towards my locker that I was stark naked. It was a horrible dream. Every ounce of… Continue reading Worse than the naked dream

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Husbands, remember your wife.

Long before Legos on the floor, the sound of little feet running through the rooms, laughter from tickles, wipes, tantrums, story time, and diaper changes there was you and her. There were lazy afternoons, dating, long conversations, laughter, and visions of what a home filled with children would be. There was a white dress, wedding… Continue reading Husbands, remember your wife.


It’s not just any moment, it’s YOUR moment.

One of my favorite morning rituals is my coffee at work, and so I’m absolutely loving this new cup that I splurged on at the Disney store (of all places) this weekend. I couldn’t resist though, this cup reminds me of some of my favorite things.   Dia de los Muertos – This is from… Continue reading It’s not just any moment, it’s YOUR moment.