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Words matter

I was listening to a great podcast the other day as I got ready for work. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link.

How Positive Words Can Change Your Life

Have you ever found yourself in this scenario… You’re upset and in the middle of speaking harsh words to someone that you love (fill in spouse, son, daughter) and then you get a phone call and your voice instantly switches to that cheerful high pitched sweet sound as you hear yourself saying “Hey! How are you?…That’s great, yes I was just….” Or you’re out in public and hissing and verbally lashing out at (fill in blank from prior list) when suddenly someone you know comes around and your face instantly changes to self control and sweetness.

Does that sound familiar?

I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been there.

We have the ability to create within our family a very powerful connection. Who else but your children and spouse/partner know you, love you, and see you through at your best and worst? It seems like often the downfall to that deep connection with your family can often lead to us crossing a line where we easily forget to be kind to the very people that see us at our worst and best. It becomes very easy to tear our loved ones down and allow our tongues to destroy with our words those closest to us, and that we feel most comfortable with.

The Bible says “Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body” Proverbs 16: 24.

This podcast got me thinking plenty of my own childhood and the cycle of verbal put downs that I do not want to continue with my own daughters. My mom and dad did the best they could given what they brought to the table with them, their own upbringing, relationship with their parents, and hurts. One thing I learned though is the power of words – and how those words can stick with a young child and shape them and how they feel about themselves as they grow.

This change begins at home. I want to be a source of encouragement, love and warmth for my girls because I realize that raising them is not only about discipline, it is love and encouragement interweaved with discipline. It’s making sure that our home is a place where they feel loved, secure, and safe. There are many moving parts for this, and one that I am working on daily with my whole heart is to be mindful that my words are powerful and which ones I choose matter because of utmost importance to me is building my girls up so they can then turn around and contribute their best to the world.

I am a work in progress daily with this and some days I do better than others. So I will close with this that the speaker of the podcast shared. When your tongue speaks let it be full of T.H.I.N.K.

Is what you are about to say: Truth. Helpful. Inspiring. Necessary, and Kind. 🙂


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