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Miraculous fixes without pain

I picked up Lysa Terkeurst’s book “It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way.” Not because I’m currently going through life shattering heartache or pain, but I have been there before and I have close friends and family that are there now. I picked it up because sometimes pain, difficulties, or heartache don’t need to be… Continue reading Miraculous fixes without pain

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Encouragement for Moms I ran across this podcast today and I haven’t stopped thinking about it because there was so much that rang true to me. The title is New Hope for Moms Who Won’t Give Up, with special speaker (author & mom) Sarah Parshall Perry. This lady had me laughing, nodding in agreement and wanting to… Continue reading Encouragement for Moms

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Can there be balance in Motherhood?

I sometimes wear this light blue beaded bracelet with the word “balance”. It’s a nice reminder when I’m feeling overwhelmed; sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. I often think of the quote “you cannot pour from an empty cup”. It’s the same idea of when you’re in a plane and they tell you that in… Continue reading Can there be balance in Motherhood?

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Mom’s are not like jelly, made to spread thin

I’ve learned that with kids, when they are about to have a major meltdown (particularly my 3 year old) the best option is to divert. Divert attention elsewhere. Sometimes this works like a charm. Other times, she’s hell bent on being upset or can’t make sense of all the big emotions she’s feeling that diversion… Continue reading Mom’s are not like jelly, made to spread thin

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It’s not what we say but what we do

Hello friends, it’s been awhile. There have been so many moments I’ve wanted to stop by here and share how life has been and then, you know how it goes, one thing or another comes up. My mind feels saturated with ideas, thoughts, concerns and stories tonight. I wish I had hours to write and… Continue reading It’s not what we say but what we do