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Hope for the Mom

Before kids I would pick up a book and breeze through it. Since having my girls though I’ve developed quite a bad habit of picking up a book and then somewhere along the way I end up setting it down for weeks or even months on end. I sometimes wonder if it’s really a bad habit or more a reflection that setting down the book is like a mirror to what motherhood feels like. Some days motherhood feels like a consistent and steady pattern and other times it’s changing and unfolding constantly. Like a deliciously cake filled with different flavored layers.

I used to feel so guilty about setting a book down and leaving it for months. Even ashamed, like how could I know longer get through a book? In the early years of having both girls I could barely get through an entire book – especially ones that were specific to what I was then experiencing as a mom. I realized it’s because the book I picked up about how to handle my bursts of frustration didn’t always fit into every season of motherhood. And also, sometimes you need a break from a certain topic to just let yourself get lost in something that doesn’t require so much thought and processing and is just entertaining.

About a year or year and a half ago I picked up this book.

I got more than half way through it when it suddenly it made its way to my trunk. No doubt it made its way there after it had been on the front passenger seat, picked up many times to be read in any spare moment I had. Then it got moved out of my trunk and onto my washer. Two days ago I was finally sorting through all the lonely stack of socks that had lost their partner, and holding up the pile of single socks was this book.

Moms, this book is truly a gem, its pages are filled with so much God given hope. Whatever season in motherhood you may find yourself in, I think you will find some powerful words within these pages. There is so much I can relate to in this book. Just last night I took a photo of this section.

How true those words ring!

I can’t tell you how many times self debt and motherhood went hand in hand for me, because I spent so much time worrying about all I couldn’t get done that other moms appeared to have under control. And here I was feeling like a complete mess every day. I still have days like that. When all along I just needed to put my trust in God and know that I needn’t seek anyone else’s approval but rather listen to Him. To trust that he knew I was fully equipped to fulfill this role.

When you feel yourself losing control or overwhelmed, remember these words. Trust that He has indeed fully equipped you and made you for this moment and listen to His voice. And if you don’t have this book, pick up a copy. It will give you hope and remind you that you’re not alone in this journey. I’m right there with you.


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