How You Treat People Matters

 Today’s message at church was about restoring our relationships and purposefully seeking forgiveness. I was so moved by the words our Pastor spoke and as he closed his message and we prayed I had tears in my eyes. Maybe someone out there can relate and has a relationship that is torn or broken and when you think of that person you have resentment,… Continue reading How You Treat People Matters

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And The Oscar Goes To…

Yay, how cool, our favorites won! Best Actress: Natalie Portman for Black Swan. She looked beautiful and deserved the award for (as my husband so perfectly said) her powerful performance. She truly personified all the troubling emotions and internal battles of her character Nina. Best Actor: Colin Firth for The King’s Speech. I got tears in my eyes when I saw… Continue reading And The Oscar Goes To…

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Option A: The Gym, Option B: Emotional Breakdown

Have you ever had one of those days where an overflow of emotions and tears seems to be just a blink away? Well this morning I nearly let my emotions get the best of me and the day could’ve easily turned into a disaster.   After my husband left for class I suddenly became so overwhelmed, emotional, and… Continue reading Option A: The Gym, Option B: Emotional Breakdown

Adventures of Biggie the bulldog · Photos & Words

Lessons in Persistence and Doing Your Best

          Last night I snapped these pictures of Biggie (our bulldog) and couldn’t wait to share them. It cracks me up every time that Biggie tries this because despite being too short that doesn’t stop him from atleast attempting to reach what’s on the counter. Sometimes if it’s a scent he’s particularly intrigued by he’ll even… Continue reading Lessons in Persistence and Doing Your Best


My Heart Is Just Not In It

Lately I’ve been finding that I’m writing more because I committed to “postaday2011” and not because my heart is in it. This is in large part due to the fact that school and other life activities are absorbing much of my time, thinking, and effort. In the past few days by the time I make it to the computer (or my… Continue reading My Heart Is Just Not In It


The Travel Bug Is Lurking

I am itching to escape and travel somewhere with my husband. We were talking about this on Sunday, how great it would be to visit Japan. Neither of us has ever been. We just need to plan around our school schedule because we can only really enjoy time off during Spring break otherwise we’ll need to wait until the semester ends to… Continue reading The Travel Bug Is Lurking

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Graduation Is Closer Than I Expected

I was about to start some homework and remembered I hadn’t posted yet today. I got some really exciting news at school after visiting my advisor, I found out that if I stay on track with four classes per semester I could possibly graduate in Spring 2012! It’s so awesome to think that graduation day is… Continue reading Graduation Is Closer Than I Expected

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Take Time To Say Thank You

Today’s inspiration comes from my daily Zelda Wisdom subscription. We all have busy schedules and things to take care of but we shouldn’t take for granted the significance of a “thank you” and telling someone how much you appreciate what they did/do for you. Remember that every day is a blessing and we can choose to be happy and make… Continue reading Take Time To Say Thank You