How You Treat People Matters

 Today’s message at church was about restoring our relationships and purposefully seeking forgiveness. I was so moved by the words our Pastor spoke and as he closed his message and we prayed I had tears in my eyes. Maybe someone out there can relate and has a relationship that is torn or broken and when you think of that person you have resentment, hurt, and/or pain.

Who have you hurt? Who has hurt you? Don’t let it fester and build in your heart.

You are called to do what is not normal. It’s normal to be angry, to allow the resentment to build, to not care about fixing a problem, to not give forgiveness, or to not ask for forgiveness. Do what is not normal. Do all in your power to heal brokenness.

Romans 12:18 says If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Before closing his message and asking us to pray, our Pastor asked us to take out our cell phone and scroll through our contact list and find the name of the person who we have a broken relationship with and to take the step of sending them a text asking them “can we talk this week?” When you have hurt and pain in a relationship it seems unimaginable to do something like that. To open the door to something that we know will not be easy and uncomfortable. But if we allow God to guide us with his love and kindness imagine the possibilities that door could open up for us and what a transformation that could mean for the broken relationship.

This reminded me of my relationship with one of my cousins. We had worked together years ago and sadly our relationship became full of hurt, pain, and brokenness. My cousin eventually moved on to another job and we kept in touch during family gatherings and also because my mom is like a second mom to her. But there was something missing in our relationship, something deeper than “I care for you because we’re related by blood”.

Last year I had that opportunity to open up a new door for us and begin the process of healing our brokenness. I finally accepted that I hadn’t been the victim during those first years we had worked together and that I had contributed my fair share of anger and frustration that further pushed us apart. So that night when I called her I didn’t know if I’d get a hold of her because she was at work, but God answered my prayer, and we both apologized and agreed to have a more loving and honest relationship. Little did I imagine that a couple months later God would open up another door for us and allow us to work together again. I was hesitant at first out of fear because I didn’t want us to fall back into old habits especially because we had only just begun mending our relationship, and yet I realized that God had brought us back together for a reason. It also helped that my mom as well as another very close cousin of mine gave me all their support and encouragement. Thanks to that moment and that trust and faith I am so incredibly thankful to be working again with my cousin. Not only because she helps me tremendously at work, because most importantly we are getting a new opportunity at a loving relationship and friendship.

Maybe today you will scroll down your contact list or approach that person and take that step to ask them “can we talk this week” and restore your relationship.


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