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Bulldog Security

What do you do when you’re three male guys coming back from the jacuzzi a little affer 10pm and then suddenly find yourselves confronted by “bulldog security”? 

A few nights ago my husband and I were home relaxing and I dozed off on the couch next to Biggie. Around 10p my husband woke me up so that I could get ready for bed. I somehow never manage to make it to bed until 11pm though because I’m like a little kid sometimes – tired yet fighting to go to bed. That night was no different and as I’m forcing myself to get up and trying to open my dry eyes (contact wearer), my husband lets Biggie out the front door so he can pee. We do this ritual every night and since it’s a quick in and out we have Biggie off leash and he does his deed and comes right back in.

Well suddenly I hear Biggie’s tiger like growl followed by my husband’s voice “Boy! Come back!” In my dazed state I somehow managed to grab the leash and dashed out the door! My first thought was that a neighbor had decided to take out their dog at the same time and Biggie had gone after their dog, which is very unlike him. As I rounded the corner I managed to see my husband near the bend that leads to the lake and grabbing Biggie by his collar and holding onto him with all his strength while three guys are frozen in place. Hey, if I had a 58lb dog infront of me growling like a tiger and not letting me by I guarantee you I’d be frozen in place too. And this was “bulldog security” at it’s finest.

I felt so bad for those guys, I wonder if they’ll be taking a different route next time they go relax at the jacuzzi? But then I’ll be honest, we kind of giggled after the fact just imagining what must have gone through their mind when they saw Biggie, this short little beast of a dog with his intimidating growl, not letting them go by. I have a feeling these are the same guys that I’ve heard pass by before on previous occasions and causing Biggie to sound off his barking alarm. It’s never a dull moment with this sweet bulldog.


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