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Fear, there is no room for you here.

Hi there, it’s been awhile for sure! Before I just jump right in I want to say that I hope that wherever you are reading this from, I pray that you, your family, loved ones, and friends are well, calm, and healthy. With all the news, misinformation, good information, and uncertainty that I’m sure many… Continue reading Fear, there is no room for you here.

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A Plane, A Toddler, & Two Inexperienced Parents

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share this, but it’s official, we are going to Japan! With our toddler. On a plane. For the first time. Woohoo!!! I am all at once beyond excited and nervous! But you know, I figure, if you’re going to make a decision to travel for the very… Continue reading A Plane, A Toddler, & Two Inexperienced Parents

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Bulldog Security

What do you do when you’re three male guys coming back from the jacuzzi a little affer 10pm and then suddenly find yourselves confronted by “bulldog security”?  A few nights ago my husband and I were home relaxing and I dozed off on the couch next to Biggie. Around 10p my husband woke me up so that I could get ready… Continue reading Bulldog Security