Let It Go

My dad likes to say that expression often and I remember sometimes hearing that would only further bother me and I would want to just roll my eyes because I would think to myself, sometimes it is just not that easy. But why is it that we want to hold on to feelings of frustration, injustice, fear, or anger, etc? Why not just take a breath and let it go?

The irony of it all was when I found myself in a conversation with my mom and saying out loud to her to  just let it go. Well there you have it, proof that it’s easier said than done, because it’s true that when you’re looking in from the outside you are able to see that sometimes all you can do is let it go because the emotional heartache you’re causing yourself by holding on to a feeling is worse than the situation itself. I learned there was a lot of truth to my dad’s simple words and that the difficult part was accepting and letting go when you’re the one going through the situation.

For me, today was a day of letting go of thoughts of worry/concern. I would like to say that I was a huge success at this and that those thoughts didn’t come up at all once I told myself to just “let it go” but that wasn’t the case. I may not have been able to surrender completely, however I was able to give myself more freedom than I expected and not let concern consume me.

What I found was that the words alone weren’t what helped, rather it was because those words were filled with thoughts of God and my faith in him. Whatever happens, no matter how difficult it may be, happens for a reason and the best thing I can do is to surrender to God, knowing in my heart that he will see me through. That fear will not get me anywhere, it will just leave me at a standstill. And most importantly that there are many things that are just out of my control and if I just continue to have faith and trust in God, then I am not alone.


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