Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

The Beast Strikes Again

Whenever my husband and I get home after an evening out we usually see our little bulldog Biggie coming toward us to say hello the minute we open the door. The funny thing is he does quite the opposite when he’s been mischievous. It’s a great way to know what he’s been up to.

The night that we saw the movie “I am” we got home and entered through the garage door as usual. To our surprise Biggie was nowhere in sight. What we did see instead was my husband’s iPod on the ground without its protective case and also one of my husband’s book next to it and little pieces of torn paper around it. We called out his name and still no sign, then I walked over to the second bedroom and there he was curled up in the recliner with a guilty look on his face. He eventually decided he was going to have to show his face and did the walk of shame towards the kitchen. My husband and I both put on our serious faces. That’s when Biggie dropped to the ground in what we call submarine pose and what looked like his “how do you know it was me?” face. And then I noticed a tiny piece of paper hanging out from his little lip and I burst out laughing. So much for trying to plead his innocence. Ay the little beast! 

The good thing is he didn’t bite down on the iPod and except for a bit of torn edges the book was still in great shape. It’s always an adventure with our boy Biggie.


One thought on “The Beast Strikes Again

  1. So cute! Had a similar incident this past week with Buffy, but she went with the justified approach. More of a “yeah, what of it?” reaction. Dogs!


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