Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

Biggie (our bulldog) and the explosion

Word of caution, beware of what’s to come if you suddenly find your dog circling around a small area inside your house. At least that’s the case with our bulldog Biggie, because it turns out when he does that, expect mayhem to follow. This morning I was feeding baby Celeste when all of a sudden… Continue reading Biggie (our bulldog) and the explosion

Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

Biggie’s (the bulldog) Sexcapade

It turns out our sweet little bulldog has some issues… My mom has this really cute looking stuffed bulldog toy that I’ve been dying to bring home to see if Biggie will maybe cuddle with it, you know, make the toy his buddy to keep him company. So I get home last night (my husband was out) and after… Continue reading Biggie’s (the bulldog) Sexcapade

Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

The Gift of New Friendships & Time Well Spent

Ever since my husband and I rescued Biggie we have met so many nice people and gotten to know so many of our neighbors while out walking our big boy. We often get huge smiles from people when they find out we rescued Biggie but in reality it’s really Biggie who has given us a much greater… Continue reading The Gift of New Friendships & Time Well Spent

Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

Terrible Two’s…Of The Bulldog Kind

I have a feeling Biggie sensed we were up to no good and would be leaving him at the vet/boarding place because this past week he had the mischief in overdrive. I like how my husband puts it, “it’s not that he’s being bad it’s that he’s not doing what I want him to do”.… Continue reading Terrible Two’s…Of The Bulldog Kind


A Day of Fun and Girl Time

I’m very excited for today! After my husband and I go to church I’m going to be meeting up with four of my girl friends for a day of fun and catching up, ah yes, ando also so that we can celebrate my birthday from a couple weeks ago. First we’re going to be watching Avenue Q at the Pantages Theatre in… Continue reading A Day of Fun and Girl Time