Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

Biggie (our bulldog) and the explosion

Word of caution, beware of what’s to come if you suddenly find your dog circling around a small area inside your house. At least that’s the case with our bulldog Biggie, because it turns out when he does that, expect mayhem to follow.

This morning I was feeding baby Celeste when all of a sudden I see Biggie start to circle around a small area in our living room. The baby’s bassinet was between us and I couldn’t quite see what he was doing, but I knew what was coming, and I was powerless to do anything at that moment and I just kept thinking, oh no, oh no! The next thing I know I hear what I can only describe as a massive explosion escaping from Biggie’s rear end. Oh no!! Then I start laughing at my predicament because here I am breastfeeding our baby, Biggie has had a massive noise escape his rear end (and yes I’m secretly praying maybe it was just air and no substance), and I have no idea how bad the damage is because the baby’s bassinet is blocking my view. How could I not burst out laughing?! I just had to phone my husband and share.

Well, the damage was awful, just a huge mass of green sogginess is the best way to describe it. I realize it’s just poop, but still gross and now on our carpet. Sigh. I managed to get the mess cleaned up and the baby ready just in time so that when my husband arrived we could go to Costco for his eyexam and some groceries. 

When we made it back home, surprise!!! Another Biggie explosion! LoL…that one, I said to my husband, is for you this time. In Biggie’s defense, thank goodness this doesn’t happen often.


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