A Ballroom Love Story

Did I ever share the story of how my husband and I met? I love our story because it reminds me of how God really does have a path for each of us. Of course we all have free will and different roads to choose from, I believe though that when we follow God’s intended path for us by making the right choices in our life, even if they sometimes aren’t the easiest, we’re ultimately led to our true path.

Well back in 2005 I had come out of a rather long and difficult relationship – one that I’m actually thankful I had because I learned so much about myself and to really look deep into some of my habits and choices in life.

So here I was newly single and contemplating something that would take me completely out of my comfort zone. I had always wanted to take ballroom dancing classes, particularly to learn how to dance the waltz. I told you, I’m a romantic at heart. I first thought about taking classes back in 2004, one day I had driven past our local Home Depot and saw a guy holding a sign up with a phone number promoting a dance studio and saved the number in my cell phone but never got around to actually calling the place. So finally in 2005 I decided this time I was going to make it happen and I started my Google search for dance studios near where I lived. I came upon a site and jotted down the name for a place that was a few blocks down from where I lived. Well talk about God being present in my choice, imagine my surprise when I realized that the number I found in my Google search was the same phone that I had jotted down back in 2004. And so my journey into ballroom dancing began and the story of how I met my husband…

The studio offered group classes as well as private lessons and as nervous as I was with my first private lesson, my instructor totally put me at ease when he said “Don’t be nervous, everyone else is worried about the same thing you are” and from that moment on I soon became dedicated to my dancing. One day I happened to go into a group class and immediately noticed this new tall and handsome guy. My first thought was, oh please don’t let him be married or have a girl friend! (He had neither). In the group classes they rotated you so that everyone got a chance to dance with a different partner and I remember as it was getting close to our turn to dance together I thought to myself, please don’t let my hands be sweaty, please don’t let my hands be sweaty, and thankfully they weren’t. We talked for a little bit during our dance and I found out his sister and I shared the same name.

From then on we would coincide every once in a while and have a group class together. And then February 28th, 2006 rolled around and I’ll never forget that day…which I’ll continue sharing about in my next post.


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