Hello 37…

It’s been such a lovely day today, relaxing and filled with delightful moments. A year ago I didn’t even know I was pregnant and now here I am today welcoming my 37th year with my husband and little baby girl.

I woke up this morning to find these beautiful orange tulips with a balloon and a lovely card from my husband. It’s quite funny how I happened to see them and makes me think about how sometimes we can be so focused on a certain target that we nearly miss what’s around us. You see this morning after I got out of the shower I went to the kitchen, passed our dining table, and headed to the sink to clean up some dishes and was so focused on that mission that it wasn’t until I had finished up and turned around that I suddenly saw the tulips sitting on the far corner of the table. Such an awesome surprise! I would have seen them eventually but it does make me think how important it is not to have such a closed focus on something because I can miss other things around me.

That’s why it’s especially nice that today it’s been about enjoying the little things. Like taking a nap with my daughter and playing with Biggie and enjoying a walk with my husband and our two little misfits ;). This morning I found a ribbon on a blanket that our daughter got as a gift at my baby shower and decided to have some fun with Biggie. Too bad he’s a boy so it didn’t exactly suit him. I don’t think he was very amused because the second I finished tying that thing on him he did what we call a “judo roll” to try and take it off. Poor boy, check out how dejected he looks, hahaha. He knew that I was up to no good because after I took it off he immediately tried to lunge for the ribbon.


Little Celeste has the sniffles today so she’s been mostly eating and sleeping. It’s so sad to see her little eyes get all pink from the sneezing and then little tears come down. I caught this picture of her during one of her naps. She looks so peaceful and happy. I wonder what her dreams are made of? She probably dreams of playing with Biggie in a meadow filled with beautiful flowers and butterflies. My husband and I imagine her sitting on Biggie, holding onto his ears, and Biggie running around all jolly through the meadow, just happy as can be that he’s protecting his little princess.

And then I got another nice surprise. My husband went to pick up some food that my sis in law left at my parents house for us and he also came home with a gift from them. And what did I find inside??? The Twilight and Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie!!!! Woohoo! Yes, I’m a fan…hopefully I don’t lose any subscribers by admitting to this ;). I wasn’t able to watch BD at the movie theatre and so hopefully tonight this will be playing on my TV. I already told my husband he’s not allowed to groan while I’m watching it, ha!

I’m also excited because this weekend my friends are taking me out for dinner and a show that I’ve been dying to see called Battle of the Dance. Can’t wait!

Well it’s been a beautiful day and the afternoon is still young so there’s still plenty of time to enjoy more of my day…


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