Love is in the little things

Today was filled with a whole bunch of lovely moments.

My day started off with one of my favorite things…my husband and I saying a prayer together before starting a new day. For me this has always been one of the best ways to start off my day. I love when it’s dark in the room with just a hint of light coming from the closet (we leave that light on now that we have the baby) and that we take a moment to thank God for our blessings and the new day and for having one another. It’s like capturing a breath of fresh air before starting the day.

My day consisted of the usual, having a productive day at work and then arriving at my mom’s house to be with baby Celeste again. Since my husband is at work today, my mom watched Celeste after I fed her so that I could go for a walk with Biggie. Walking with Biggie is always a treat, especially when I ignore the cell phone and just take in everything around me while we go for our stroll. It was a bit chilly out and so it felt nice when we hit some areas where the sun covered us with its warmth. I ran into one of our neighbors, Charlie, and she walked along with us for a short while and I got to enjoy a really pleasant conversation with her, which got me to thinking how lucky we are to have such nice neighbors. There’s so much to learn when you take the time to listen to someone’s stories.

The next happiest part of my day before heading home was when my brother and family showed up at my parents house to drop off our god-daughter, who had spent the night at their place the last 4 days. When my dad heard all of us were at home he decided to pick up some carnitas and just like that, without any pre-planning. we were all brought together for some family time. As I was eating, I took in the scene around me…my parents talking with my cousin, sister-in-law and Madi, my brother sitting in the living room holding Celeste, and my nephew and god-daughter playing with some toys, and realized that love is in the little things. It’s in all these special moments that we sometimes forget to take notice of because we get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day, and all it takes is a little awareness to realize how blessed we are and that God is always present and watching over us.



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