My power 

Embrace who you are and the beauty you are.  I can be moved to tears so easily, especially when it’s something that truly tugs at my heart.  For a long time I was searching to figure out exactly who I was. And I have realized something so powerful. I am uniquely made in God’s image.… Continue reading My power 


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Laughter, Memories, and Karaoke

Last night was filled with singing, eating, dancing, and just plain wonderful fun as we gathered for our Staff Christmas party!! This year one of our awesome volunteers opened her home to us and invited us to celebrate our party at her beautiful home. I was in awe of the place as I walked in.… Continue reading Laughter, Memories, and Karaoke


A Day of Fun and Girl Time

I’m very excited for today! After my husband and I go to church I’m going to be meeting up with four of my girl friends for a day of fun and catching up, ah yes, ando also so that we can celebrate my birthday from a couple weeks ago. First we’re going to be watching Avenue Q at the Pantages Theatre in… Continue reading A Day of Fun and Girl Time