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Sink or Swim?

What perfect Zelda Wisdom for a brand new day. Although this was Sunday’s wisdom I think it’s perfect for the start of a new week.

Often times it’s so much easier to sink in our problems or worries and we forget that we have a choice in everything. Some things are just out of our control, that’s true, but we can choose our attitude and that can make all the difference of whether we sink or swim. Plus a little humorous image to go along with the thought never hurts.

On a relatable note, this weekend my husband and I saw the movie “Buck”. It was such a touching story of this man that trains horses, not through force or fear, but through a feeling and understanding. There were so many different analogies that not only apply to horse training but to life in general and how you interact with people – yourself, your spouse/partner, children, friends, anyone. And it relates somewhat to this bit of Zelda wisdom I’m sharing because as a young boy Buck lived through a very difficult childhood, him and his brother were physically abused by his father. He shares that part of his life in the movie and how he could have lived his life in a different manner and used the abuse he endured from his father as an excuse for abusive behavior but instead he chose a different path. It’s an excellent movie and I highly recommend it because it doesn’t just speak to horse lovers, it speaks of humanity and human triumph.


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