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Decide to try new things

One of my favorite teachers in High School was Mr. Lynn. He was the tennis coach and he taught Geometry and Chemistry. I loved his grandpa look with the white hair and white beard and mustache. I can still picture exactly how he would lean into the center table of his classroom, half sitting on… Continue reading Decide to try new things

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Take Time To Say Thank You

Today’s inspiration comes from my daily Zelda Wisdom subscription. We all have busy schedules and things to take care of but we shouldn’t take for granted the significance of a “thank you” and telling someone how much you appreciate what they did/do for you. Remember that every day is a blessing and we can choose to be happy and make… Continue reading Take Time To Say Thank You

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Fear of Success & Transformation

Could fear of success & transformation been one of the reasons behind some of the bad choices I made at my Community College during my early 20s? According to one of my homework assignments it’s quite possible. Last night I was doing some reading for my Race, Class, Gender course and one of the articles made me… Continue reading Fear of Success & Transformation