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No room for grumpy 

Whoah, this sure hit home when I read it. 

Not proud to admit it but I definitely had my grumpy pants on about 10 minutes ago. 

Typically I like to get my workout and shower in before the kids wake up because then it’s just constant distractions and the girls wanting my attention. Well today didn’t quite go that way. I started everything while the girls were wide awake. 

The cool thing is Celeste did some of my workout with me which always makes me smile because I love being a positive influence to them. 

Then after breakfast and getting the laundry loaded to dry, I finally made it to the shower. My husband mentioned he would be inviting some of the girls’ friends over, but still I was a little taken aback when I opened the bathroom door (we use the one in the hallway) in my towel and find two of their little boy friends in our house haha. 

Usually I’m okay with the mess that ensues because at least the girls are entertained. Problem was today I wasn’t in the mood for all the noise and on top of it Elysse kept whining and asking for me, which made it harder to get ready, and I let it just get on my nerves. 

I kind of blew up at my husband even though he did do a nice thing by calling the kids to come over and play and by helping pick up the mess he made. 

I finished up just in time for Elysse to get her afternoon walk and milk and now she’s sound asleep in the stroller while I sit here in the quiet. It feels nice. 

I ran across this quote which reminded me we always have a choice of either wearing our positive pants or grumpy pants. It’s up to us. 

And then I happened on another quote from a friend that’s a therapist that said to remember it’s you and me vs the problem not you vs me. Yikes. Yep, guilty. My husband and I are a team, not on opposing sides. 


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