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Juggling adulting and parenting

So these are bits and pieces from a conversation I’m having this morning with my dearest cousin and it prompted me to share on here with you all. cousin: so wtf is going on with yo? you? why the disorganized feeling? LOL me: i don’t know!!! LOL. i feel tired today. i feel like i need a… Continue reading Juggling adulting and parenting

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Motherhood: Currently experiencing high turbulence

You know that moment when you need to breathe into the brown paper bag to stop yourself from hurling? That’s what parenting, specifically being a mom, sometimes feels like to me. Tonight I had to go into the restroom and hold a towel to my mouth to muffle the sounds of my sobbing. I thought… Continue reading Motherhood: Currently experiencing high turbulence

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Motherhood: I Owned It Today 

I think two things helped make today a fabulous Friday: fueling myself and community.  I was dreading getting out of bed this morning when my alarm went off because the night before I’d made a bad decision and stayed up late. I wanted to just hit snooze but then as I slowly remembered the commitment… Continue reading Motherhood: I Owned It Today