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A whole lot of faith and grace

No matter how much I think I have things laid out and under control, nothing ever truly goes as planned.

On my way to my parents house this morning to drop off Celeste before heading into work, I called my mom to let her know Celeste would be going to VBS today. So I would pick up Celeste at around 8:45am to get her to VBS before 9am. My mom lives just one light away from the campus so we had plenty of time.

I got to work, settled in and began to work on some stuff. Some time had passed and I popped into my cousin’s office and was chatting with her when all of a sudden I looked at my watch and realized it was 8:50am. Holey Moley I had to take Celeste to school!!! I ran to my desk, grabbed my keys and cell phone and rushed to make it on time. Safely of course.

How could it have totally slipped my mind like that?! I was laughing to myself on the drive to my mom’s because of what a whirlwind my days often feel like. How silly and funny it is to think I have things in order but then well, things happen. I forget. I get sidetracked. Often.

And yet, despite those moments I manage to pull it all together, often in comical fashion. šŸ˜‚

I like to think it’s because of my inner Wonder Woman and a whole lot of God on my side.

I mean I have days with my kids where I am legit seething inside and I think ok that’s it, towel in, I’m done. And then something so incredibly magical or funny happens that reminds me that when it comes to parenting or mothering I have to have a sense of humor and a whole lot of faith and grace.

Some days I’m able to do this more easily than others. It’s when I take these moments too seriously that I find myself drowning. But when I can step back and breathe and look at the bigger picture, it’s a pretty darn huge blessing what I get to experience.

Even if at times it’s pretty darn hard and exhausting. But it’s truly this right here. Being mindful. Yes, hard when you’re in the midst of the difficult but worth it.


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