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Bring out the wonder and explore!

A couple of weeks ago I woke up tired and cranky, and with a big checklist on my mind. It was Sunday and the last couple of nights sleep leading up to Sunday had been interrupted by the girls. Lack of sleep is always a deal breaker for me but it’s certainly the new normal now with our girls.

So naturally as I got myself and the girls ready for the day I started to think of all the things we needed to squeeze in before the end of the day. On a Sunday.

Because of my husband’s schedule he isn’t always off on Sundays, but when he is he loves to have us all go together somewhere once we get out of church. Since I was feeling tired I told him we could go wherever but I wanted to be back home by 4pm. That was clearly my grumpy side talking, because even I laughed at myself inwardly at the sound of my absurd comment. My husband in turn gave me that “are you kidding me look?” Which I allowed myself to get slightly annoyed at, and it wasn’t until he made a very good point that his look made sense to me.

He said something along the lines of, he knows it probably doesn’t mean the same for me because I’m with the girls every day, but that Sundays are the only day he gets time with all 3 of us all day and so it would be nice if when he’s off on Sunday we keep it open for family time, without time constraints.

Well, he had me at “only gets all 3 of us”. 🥰

I made a mental note of that and to try my best to get out of the mood I was in and enjoy the day.

After church we ended up going to the Kids Space Museum in Pasadena, which is right next to the Rose Bowl.

If you haven’t been and you have kids oh probably under 11 (if they’re older take them anyway!) you need to visit this place. I mean, even we (the adults) had a great time.

From learning about the wonder of physics hands on, to climbing an incredible stair jungle gym type thing that took you way up high, to crawling inside an ant farm (yes, even my 6′-3″ husband was able to get through this), to playing with clay and musical instruments…I think we only covered maybe half of the different activities.

Can you “pulley” yourself up? Hmmm… I didn’t try it LOL. But the girls sure had fun doing it and testing their own strength.

I mean, seriously, doesn’t this thing look cool?! I’m afraid of heights, but I still went all the way to the very top. I just made sure not to look straight down on the way back because some of the floors were slightly see through.

And some fun with musical instruments. And do you see that water area in the back? yep, kids could go in there too!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there was also a rock climbing wall! And a beautiful area enclosed by trees where you could grab a book and read out loud or quietly to yourself.

Honestly, I’m even tempted to say next time we get a visit from my niece (16) and nephew (13) I would love to take them just to see what kind of reaction they’d have to this place. I think it would totally open up that sense of wonder and just good old fun and exploration for them. I mean why wouldn’t it? It did for us!

I think sometimes we need a little bit more of that mixed into our daily life. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the sports, classes, homework, activities, housework, etc…sometimes we lose ourselves in that and our sense of wonder, joy, and that good child like fun seems to disappear.

I can’t wait to go back to this one!


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