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Motherhood: Currently experiencing high turbulence

You know that moment when you need to breathe into the brown paper bag to stop yourself from hurling? That’s what parenting, specifically being a mom, sometimes feels like to me. Tonight I had to go into the restroom and hold a towel to my mouth to muffle the sounds of my sobbing. I thought… Continue reading Motherhood: Currently experiencing high turbulence

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About a newborn – the 5 week mark rant 

Nothing good can possibly come of writing at 10:20pm after more than an hour of trying to put my 5 week old to bed and failing miserably. But I think every mom should be allowed a rant, especially at the 5 week mark when sleep has gotten slightly better, but let’s face it, I’m still… Continue reading About a newborn – the 5 week mark rant 

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Like Fingers Wrapped Around My Neck

I should be working on my research paper that is due on Thursday but instead I am sitting here needing to write because I feel like the emotions I am having right now are like fingers wrapped around my neck, choking me slowly. I am almost scared to put this out there because I am… Continue reading Like Fingers Wrapped Around My Neck