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A couple weeks ago I had a really overwhelming morning. Normally I just somehow push past it without letting anyone but myself know that inside I feel like the dam is about to crack and everything is about to come pouring out.

But on this particular morning I sent a text on a group message I have with my close friends. Because I needed encouragement and loving words and they provided all that for me.

One of my friends suggested the Calm app. I haven’t purchased it but I did find them on Instagram and followed them.

I loved this post from today because I realized having a tool to use when I feel overwhelmed is a great way to take the focus away from the emotions that are coming over me and instead focus on something tangible and external.

Maybe if you find yourself in the same situation it’s something that will be helpful to you too.

I also realized that when I need something internal my biggest help is prayer.

For the next month at church the focus is on Psalm 23 and I want to take those beautiful words to remind me He is there to guide me and lead me on the right path always.


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