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What we send out into the world matters

So much has happened since yesterday’s post. After writing that blog I fell asleep while Elysse was taking her nap. I woke up with the same gloomy empty feeling. So I grabbed my phone and visited the fitness group page that I’m a part of on Facebook. I saw a couple of posts of some… Continue reading What we send out into the world matters


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Just the right attitude

You know those days where nothing quite goes as planned and you’re busy going from one thing to the next with a few moments of downtime sprinkled here and there? I’ve had one of those days, and its been wonderful. How is it that it’s been so great if I haven’t quite been able to… Continue reading Just the right attitude

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Why I Love February, Plus Other Life Events

February is one of my favorite months and not just because it’s my birthday month but because there are so many other celebrations that come rolling in, one right after the other, after Valentine’s Day. For starters on the 16th my parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. My parents have been through so many hurdles and happy moments during all these years and… Continue reading Why I Love February, Plus Other Life Events