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Just the right attitude

You know those days where nothing quite goes as planned and you’re busy going from one thing to the next with a few moments of downtime sprinkled here and there? I’ve had one of those days, and its been wonderful.

How is it that it’s been so great if I haven’t quite been able to study as much as I’d hoped or read for class? Well, it’s because of just the right amount of positive attitude and mind set I’ve had today.

I’ve been more conscious today then ever of how I’ve been feeling, and in those scattered moments where I’ve suddenly felt just a little bit panicky and on the verge of stressing myself out, I stopped, adjusted my thoughts to be more encouraging and positive, and went on with my business. And I feel great.

The baby is asleep now so I’m going to use the next hour or so to read before I clean up some stuff and get things ready for tomorrow, but I had to take just a few moments to share this.


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