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Remembering My Promise

I was thinking about a post I wrote a while back A Gift To Myself and decided to revisit my post and remind myself of the promise I made to be more gentle and kind to myself when it comes to my thoughts, especially now that I’m a new mommy. It’s pretty awesome to think that almost 9 months have gone by since I wrote that post and how much has happened since then.

Last night my husband and I were talking about how important it is to keep the right frame of mind and be more aware of the words that we use when we speak to ourselves, whether it’s outloud or in our mind. I’ve definitely had my moments where rather than pepping myself up, my inner voice sometimes presents more challenges than encouragement, and often times I fall prey to her negative remarks and will begin to doubt myself and overwork my mind.

After talking about this subject with my husband, it was like suddenly so many things came to light in my mind and heart. For awhile now I had been carrying a very negative and exhausting thought process in my mind, and I had forgotten to be gentle, kind, and encouraging to myself. Sure, life is very different now and new challenges are presented that I hadn’t imagined before becoming a mom, but I realized that I can make those challenges more enjoyable and more rewarding if I face them with a more positive frame of mind and thought process.

I woke up feeling so upbeat and happy today because of how blessed we are and because I’m so thankful to God for every new experience and new day that he allows me to live. Sure, there’s going to be overwhelming moments, or frustrating events, and probably days that I don’t feel so hot, but if I can take a deep breath and realize that this too is a gift and that I am doing my best and that I can do this too, then I’ll be all the more happier for knowing that I maintained an encouraging frame of mind.

It’s taken me several months to reflect back on this and I’m happy that this came back to me when it did, because I sure needed the reminder.


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