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The keeper of my thoughts

There are some days that the exhaustion I feel enveloping my entire body is more than I can handle. I feel anxiety rising from my belly to my throat and it’s as if a hard canon ball is just sitting there in my throat, stuck with no way of getting out, and I feel I… Continue reading The keeper of my thoughts


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Is this a taboo parent thought?

I’ve never shared this thought with anyone and in fact just today finally had the courage to voice it out loud to my husband, which gave me the confidence to share it on here… I feel though like I should first disclose that I absolutely LOVE and feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to be… Continue reading Is this a taboo parent thought?

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Smooth out, fold, tuck in, and voila, a little piece of amazing!

As I was feeding little Miss Celeste this morning and she’s falling asleep in my arms, I started to thumb through my cell phone email and found this awesome Zelda wisdom in my inbox. The timing couldn’t be better, our little one was down for her nap and not only did I have some free time to blog (a priceless… Continue reading Smooth out, fold, tuck in, and voila, a little piece of amazing!


Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder & Random Ramblings

Has it really been that long since I last posted? I mean this can’t be right and there must have been a glitch on my blog or something, but deep down I know there has been no crazy glitch in my blog and I actually have not posted something between July 27 and today. Yesterday when I got off work… Continue reading Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder & Random Ramblings

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Another great little piece of wisdom. I remember a particular class I took at OCC and the instructor saying forgivess isn’t just for the other person, it’s primarily for yourself, because every minute you spend feeding that resentment is time taken away from enjoying other things in your life. That always stayed with me. It isn’t always easy… Continue reading Forgiveness