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Smooth out, fold, tuck in, and voila, a little piece of amazing!


As I was feeding little Miss Celeste this morning and she’s falling asleep in my arms, I started to thumb through my cell phone email and found this awesome Zelda wisdom in my inbox. The timing couldn’t be better, our little one was down for her nap and not only did I have some free time to blog (a priceless gift nowadays) but I had found my inspiration too. This blogger’s dream!

My long thin fingers couldn’t wait to start tapping away on the laptop keys because I already knew what I wanted to write about (or so I thought). You see this morning daddy and I took Celeste to her third swim class and this time I got in the pool with her first. My smile was stretched from ear to ear as we started the lesson, and I’d like to think that my joy was so infectuous that it got Celeste to be all smiles and joy in the water too (honestly though she’s just such a happy baby). So I thought, wow, I’ve already had my ridiculously amazing moment!

But before I could blog about my amazing moment I needed to take care of some quick house chores (sudden screech), um, where’s the amazing in that?! Put the wet clothes away, hang up the swim suits, run the washer (yep, we’re out of towels again), and oh, wait, darn I forgot to fold the whites that I dried yesterday. Well if there’s one thing I’ve learned now that we’ve got our little one is to not leave things for later (later might end up being 11p).

And If there’s one thing I dread is folding clothes, especially whites…white shirts and white socks, it’s like the never ending pile. So I take out the first shirt, give it a little shake, lay it face down on top of the dryer, smooth out the wrinkles and folds, and then proceed to fold each long side in towards the center, and then smooth the shirt out once more, then I grab the bottom end of the shirt and do a 3 fold tuck bringing the bottom up to the top of the shirt, and voila I have a nicely folded square looking white t-shirt. It’s no “Japanese Fold” style, but it still does the trick and keeps the shirt wrinkle free. Alright, one down…countless more to go. As I started on the second shirt I thought about my mom and how she showed me to fold t-shirts this way when I was kid, back when I was happy and willing to help with the laundry. The thought brought such a happy memory to mind that I couldn’t help but smile, and with each new shirt that I pulled out and folded, I felt this warmth and happiness in remembering all the little things I learned to clean and do with my mom. What a ridiculously amazing moment!

Then I started to laugh, because I remembered back when my husband and I were dating and the first time he saw me fold the shirts like that (his shirts of course) and he said to me jokingly and laughing “did you work at a department store?” and I remember I laughed and said no, my mom taught me (and feeling quite proud of myself).

We all do things throughout our day that we probably don’t even think twice about because we see them as sort of mundane (or a chore) but I bet if we take a closer look, there’s a sprinkle of amazing in each little act.

What’s your ridiculously amazing thing?


Photo courtesy of Zelda Wisdom


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